Initial Consultation

After telephone or email correspondence, we meet briefly at a location and time convenient for everyone. This is an opportunity for us to get acquainted as well as discuss your ideas for your wedding ceremony. Please bring any questions you may have about the wedding ceremony itself, the marriage license process, and what you may expect in terms of the services I provide.

There is absolutely no cost associated with the initial meeting except about an hour or two of time.

Your Wedding Ceremony

Upon hiring me to prepare and perform your wedding, you receive comprehensive documentation that includes step-by-step guidelines to assist you in creating the wedding ceremony of your dreams.

I provide you with text choices for each component of the wedding ceremony. I have compiled multiple selections for everything from the Convocation ("We have gathered here today . . . ") to the Benediction ("May you always be blessed, in your hearts, with the wonder of this moment . . . ") to the Kiss (I bet you didn't realize there were even options for your first kiss as newlyweds!).

You will receive the following documentation in CD format:

Wedding Ceremony Selection Materials
Over seventy pages organized with a hyperlinked Table of Contents
Traditional, non-traditional, interfaith and multicultural selections
Wedding rituals, customs and observances from many traditions
Comprehensive collection of readings, quotes, verses,
prayers and blessings

Wedding Ceremony Outline
Nondenominational wedding ceremony to use as a guideline
for your own choices

Guide to Writing Your Own Vows
Simple, sensible, step-by-step instructions on how
to write your own wedding vows

You also receive:

Complete Ceremony Customization
Personalized, original components eloquently written expressly for you

Support and Assistance
I am a phone call or email away and glad to help any way I can

The Finishing Touches

Once you have made your selections and forwarded them to me, I write the wedding ceremony rough draft and return to you for your review. You and your partner proofread the draft, make any changes you wish, and return it to me. This volley continues until we have perfected your ceremony. Upon approving the final version, we are finished until The Big Day!

The Rehearsal

Providing your rehearsal does not conflict with a previously scheduled event, and you consider my schedule in deciding the time of the wedding rehearsal with your venue and your wedding party, I will attend the rehearsal to consult with you regarding the blocking of your wedding ceremony, coordinate your wedding party at the rehearsal and again on the day of your wedding.

What does THAT mean?

It means that if you have hired me to perform a rehearsal, I arrive and greet your family and friends, choreograph the ceremony with you and your partner, and we walk through it from start to finish. We assess the ceremony space, decide how your rituals will be performed (candle lightings, wine sharings, etc.), who will hold the rings, where you prefer your photographer to be and not be, how your musicians/DJ figures into the ceremony --- everything. I take notes, remember what everyone else forgets, and hopefully put your mind at ease about all those last-minute details.

The average rehearsal runs less than one hour.

If you have decided to hold your ceremony in your home or the home of your family/friends, please note that formal rehearsals are generally unnecessary.

The Ceremony

If you have chosen to forego the rehearsal, never fear: everything choreographed at a formal rehearsal is easily coordinated the day of the wedding. Even if the bride/one partner prefers not to be seen before the ceremony, every detail of the ceremony may be arranged and rehearsed without her/their involvement.

On your wedding day, I arrive at least 30 minutes before the ceremony is scheduled to begin. Typically, my activities include but are not limited to: For weddings performed at your home or the home of a family member or friend, I will arrive approximately 30 minutes early to coordinate ceremony logistics with you, the host, and the participants.


At the conclusion of the ceremony, I sign the marriage license and deliver it to you. It is also my responsibility to submit the necessary form to the appropriate circuit court office.

Until such time that laws change in the state of Maryland, for Ceremonies of Commitment or non-legal/Spiritual Unions, there are presently no legal documents requiring signature or filing. However, I will present you with a certificate suitable for framing commemorating your special occasion.

It is my honor to work with you to ensure that your wedding
ceremony is everything you dreamed it would be.


Fees are flat-rate and determined by wedding venue location, travel
considerations and accommodations, and if a rehearsal is requested.

For the state of Maryland, fees range from $400-$650.
For Pennsylvania, fees begin at $500.

Copyright 2004 Amanda Tate. All Rights Reserved.